Keeping Girls Active

Becky Riddle – November 2018

As the global standard for gender equality rises, more athletic opportunities are available for girls. Despite increased access to more opportunities, girls across the globe drop out of athletics at a higher rate than boys (Flanagan, 2007). At Cairo American College, we’ve been working to address these areas of concern and strengthen our girls’ participation in athletics. In 2016, Girls Get Strong (GGS) was founded to empower girls in health, fitness, and athletics, in hopes of getting more girls to be socially, emotionally, and physically healthy.


  • Activity should be fun and provide opportunities to socialize
  • Emphasize that health is more important than body image
  • Parental and community involvement are essential


  • Access to same gender role models
  • Provide education on female activity-specific topics
  • Look for leadership opportunities for girls and women to help promote participation
  • Establish mentor/mentee programs
  • Support single-gender activities


  • Emphasize the development of competence and confidence over performance.