2020 Workshops

Workshop Schedule

LocationSession One
Session Two
ES 302Live, Love, Glow
by Amina
SessionLive, Love, Glow
by Amina
ES 303Speak Up!
by Sarah
Just Bead It!
by Kenz and Jenna
ES 306Unleash Your Dreams Through Sport
by Farida & Nada
Unleash Your Dreams Through Sport
by Farida & Nada
ES 307Wear Your Confidence
by Nahla
Wear Your Confidence
by Nahla
ES 313Poetry In Motion
by Lorena Craighead
Poetry In Motion
by Lorena Craighead
ES 324Girls of Maadi
Lara, Malika, & Noor
Girls of Maadi
Lara, Malika, & Noor
ES 329Row Together, Row Strong!
by Asmaa Al Zohairy
Row Together, Row Strong
by Asmaa Al Zohairy
ES 330Keeping Your Mind Healthy
by Tamara Cassis
Keeping Your Mind Healthy
by Tamara Cassis
ES 331Self Love & Care
by Claire, Elsa, and Lara
Get Over It!
by Serene
ES 334Exploring a Plant-Based Lifestyle by VictoriaExploring a Plant-Based Lifestyle by Victoria
ES 335Building Confidence After Trauma by JillianBuilding Confidence After Trauma by Jillian
ES 101Vision Board Party
by Kamara
Vision Board Party
by Kamara
ES 39Mindfullness
by Marie & Sarah
by Marie & Sarah
ES 40Re-Constructed
by Zeina
by Zeina
ES 5th Floor Common RoomI’m Happy and I Know It!
by Nadine
I’m Happy and I Know It!
By Nadine
ES FieldColor Conquer
by RedVentures
Lip Dub
by RedVentures


Building Confidence After Trauma by Jillian Campana (AUC)

Have you even had a negative experience that left you feeling depleted or intimidated? Join Jillian Campana discuss how you can work to change your physical and emotional presence to rebuild an even stronger commitment to yourself!

Color Conquer by RedVentures

There are challenge stations scattered across the activity area, and the first team to beat each challenge colors the station with its color. However, if another team was to beat the first team’s record, they take over the station. The team with the most land at the end of the activity is the wining teamThe Color Conqueror map is updated in real-time so all the teams can easily view which color is controlling each station at all times.

Exploring Plant a Plant-Based Diet By Victoria Diachkova (Sincerely V)

More and more people want to learn about vegan/plant-based lifestyles. Whether you’re driven by compassion towards animals, climate change and environmental issues, personal health or pure curiosity, this workshop is to help you understand the force behind this recent trend, the reasons why so many people are switching to this lifestyle and where to start if you are considering to give it a try yourself. How to do it right, what foods to eat and what to avoid, tips, insights and everything else you need to know to make vegan/plant-based easy, accessible and fun.

Get Over It! by Serene (CAC Student)

The importance of loving yourself in today’s generation is dismissed as it’s overpowered by the thoughts that beauty and self-worth are measured through your size, grades, and friends. Join Serene to explore how hobbies and more selective choices can help remove toxic thoughts from your life. During this session, you will learn how to improve your self-love and lift big burdens from your shoulders.

Girls of Maadi by Noor, Lara, and Malika (CAC Students)

Noor, Lara, and Malika are a group of girls determined to instill a passion for change in the groups of girls joining us. Learn about the experiences of others with gender inequality and discover new ways to have your voice heard using the graphic making website Canva, and learn to design a series of powerful posters and social media posts that promote gender equality.

I’m Happy and I Know It by Nadine Youssef

We keep searching for happiness in a new phone, clothes, a trip or maybe in striving to “look good.” It takes us some time to realize that this kind of happiness is temporary and doesn’t stay long. In this workshop, Nadine Youssef will show us the real meaning of happiness. You will get to know what makes you happy personally and how to reach your inner joy through some fun and enjoyable exercises to both your mind and body.

Just Bead It by Kenz and Jenna (GGS Leadership Team)

Many pre teen and teenage girls struggle to accept theme selves for who they are and come to the fact that they are worth it. This workshop is made to help inspire teenagers and help them recognize their self-worth. In order to do so, we will be giving a brief presentation and we will be making beaded bracelets. Additionally, within the bracelet one must write one thing that they like about theme selves or one thing that positively defines them.

Keeping Your Mind Healthy by Tamara Cassis (Maadi Psychology Center)

With school, relationships and life in general, taking care of our well-being often takes a back seat. We know it’s important, and yet we don’t think intentionally about how to maintain our mental wellness very often. In this workshop, we will discuss ways to recognize and manage the things in our life that make us feel unwell. We will also explore how our thoughts and feelings are separate, and understand the relationship between them and our behaviors.

Lip Dub by RedVentures

Lip Dub is a single take music video traveling through different settings and environments. The team will rehearse lip-synching, dancing, and acting – then film the whole song in one take. Each participant will be assigned to a location and provided with prop material and costumes – it is up to the teams to create the video in whatever way they desire. Once the group has practiced and recorded their Lip Dub, Red Ventures does the rest of the magic. It takes an hour to edit and prepare high-quality videos for the participants to see.

Live, Love, Glow  by Amina Rashad (GLOW)

Join Amina Rashad, the founder of GLOW, and her team for a fun and interactive workshop that will discuss the relationship between wellness and nutrition and how it is related to our well being and mental health. Food and our relationship with it is key to leading a healthy, fun life. Amina, Malak, and Zeinab will teach you some of their secrets to making the perfect breakfast smoothie, and of course, be giving away samples of GLOWS delicious snacks!

Mindfulness By Marie Morris & Sarah Christensen

Stress is built into the fabric of our experience and it follows us everywhere that we go. With ongoing mindfulness practice, we may begin to develop resilience in the face of stress. Come and join us to learn techniques to not only deal with stress but be able to show yourself compassion and gratitude.

My Fighting Journey by Rania Sanad

Everyone has a fight of their own, we may have similarities, the pain & struggle are there; my fight however was how to use the losses and turn them to wins, from weight to cancer; I learned how to be a true champion in life and in Boxing. It is with pleasure that I have this opportunity to share my story through Girls Get Strong to all the young ladies attending the conference this year!

Poetry in Motion by Lorena Craighead

Ms. Lorena will lead you on a movement and poetry circle. This workshop is for anyone who is interested, no previous experience necessary. Just be willing to try. And willing to be more of fabulous you! The workshop goal is for each participant will be coached to connect body with mind. The connection between us as a collective will build strength of body & mind. Poetry in Motion will empower you to be a girl who stays strong.

Re-Constructed By Zeina Soliman

Take a moment to look around, you’ll notice that almost everyone looks the same, they’re wearing the same shoes, bags, jackets, and even carrying the same wallets. In this workshop, you’ll get the opportunity to give your luxury items a sense of uniqueness through pop art-inspired personalized designs. With the help of the founder of Re•constructed, Zeina Soliman, you will get a chance to create beautiful designs using non-washable acrylic leather paints.

Row Together, Row Strong! by Asmaa Al Zohairy (Scull n Blades)

Would you believe that the great Pyramids blocks were transported on rowing boats? Join Asmaa, the world rowing record holder, and catch up on Egypt’s rich rowing history and its debut as a sport.

Speak Up by Sarah (GGS Leadership Team)

All of us can remember a time that something we’ve said was brushed over or ignored. It’s a reality you have to face, as a woman, and grow from. This workshop will help you clearly express yourself, get yourself out of uncomfortable situations, and most importantly make your voice heard. There are many subtle ways in which language can impact the ways in which people perceive and react to you- so let’s examine some of them and use it to our advantage. Speak up!

Self Love & Care by Claire, Elsa, and Lara

Lara, Elsa, and Claire are all eighth-graders in CAC, and, though they all come from very different backgrounds, they share experiences, and have bonded over their differences. Their session will be focused on how tips to increase your self-love and confidence. Their main focus is wanting girls to be themselves and to see how beautiful they really are.

Unleashing Your Dreams Through Sport by Nada Zaher (Pas-Sport) and Farida Salem (Empower FA)

Do you realize that there is so much more to playing sports than simply staying fit? For us, our sport’s career is what we thank for allowing us to achieve our dreams personally, academically, athletically, socially, and ultimately in our current jobs. Think of your sport as a stepping stone to achieving your dream. In this workshop, we will help you unleash the potential that you may not already know your sport can have – no matter how little or big of a role your sport currently plays in your life.

Vision Board Party by Kamara Coaxum

Do you like being creative? Do you enjoy daydreaming about your future? Do you wonder what your life will be like in 5 or 10 years? If you answered yes to ANY of these questions then come join us and create your very own vision board. Vision boards are a fun and creative way to think about goals and your future you!

Wear Your Confidence by Nahla Bakry (Weight Management)

What’s the right fit? Having low confidence causes us to make our choices based upon fear, and often leads us with feelings of frustration and sadness. But, being overconfident can also lead to failure as we overestimate our abilities. So how do you succeed? We find the perfect fit. In this workshop, you’ll explore how to find the confidence that is needed to achieve happiness and success in your life. Join Nahla Bakry, Nutritionist & Behavior Change specialist, to learn how to wear your confidence in 10 simple steps.